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Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal repair is a big part of the many services that Water Heater Garland provides. Are you having problems with your model and you need a professional to look at it? Disposals are very powerful appliances, but it never hurts to have a plumber look at it when it malfunctions. Contact us and we can deliver a fast technician to your home to help you.

We Can Stop The Clogs That Bother Your Disposals

garbage disposal

A clogged garbage disposal can be a huge deterrent when you are trying to grind up your waste. Are you fed up because your unit is not working the way you want it to? It could be because of grease that is clogging up your model. Fats and greases solidify and cause stoppages when they enter disposals. Protect your kitchen appliances by properly disposing of these substances in different ways.

Have you recently purchased a waste disposal unit and now you are ready to use it? It can be very exciting buying a new appliance to use, but your excitement will quickly turn to frustration if you have no one to install it for you. If you need a professional installation, let us know so we can be there at the time of your choice.

Leak Solutions For Drippy Disposal Units

Is your garbage disposal leaking? You may notice that under your sink is filled with water because your unit has been dripping for days. Not only will this cause a huge mess, but it can also damage your interior. You’ll also notice higher a higher bill at the end of the month. Avoid this fate by calling Water Heater Garland to stop your leaks when you first notice them. Our services will help you save a lot of time and heartache.

Replacing a garbage disposal is easy and simple when you have our experts on the job. Sometimes it is simply not worth it to repair a unit that is damaged. When this happens, call in Water Heater Garland so we can replace it for you. Your plumbing appliances are in good hands when you trust us to take good care of them. Contact us today so we can schedule your appointment. Our friendly reps are waiting by the phones and are more than happy to assist you in your scheduling.

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